Veronika Rajek challenges Kim Kardashian to a tennis match

The social media sensation used a racy photoshoot, in which she can be seen posing with a racket and ball on a tennis court, to reach out to the famous socialite.

Rajek, who boasts an impressive 4.6 million followers, posted the pictures on Instagram along with a caption that read, “I will play a match with Kim K. But it needs to be completely n u d e”

Sexy model says 'life is harder for beautiful people'

Veronika Rajek, the Slovakian viral model, has recently taken to social media to announce that she is on the lookout for a sporty “gentleman” to share her life with. The announcement has created a buzz among her followers, who are eager to know more about her preferences and what she is looking for in a partner.

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Sexy model says 'life is harder for beautiful people'

As a popular influencer with a massive following, Veronika Rajek’s announcement has captured the attention of many sports enthusiasts and fitness aficionados who believe they might be the perfect match for her. Rajek, who is known for her athletic physique and adventurous spirit, has stated that she is seeking someone who shares her passion for sports and fitness.

In her post, Rajek emphasized the importance of finding a partner who is not only physically fit but also mentally and emotionally strong. She expressed her desire to find someone who can challenge her and support her in all aspects of life, both personal and professional.

For those interested in pursuing a relationship with Veronika Rajek, it’s essential to understand her preferences and interests. She has made it clear that she values honesty, loyalty, and a strong work ethic in a partner. Additionally, Rajek has expressed her love for adventure and travel, making it clear that she would like to find someone who shares her desire for exploration and new experiences.

It’s no surprise that Rajek’s announcement has generated significant interest from potential suitors, given her impressive career as a model and influencer. With her striking looks and impressive physique, she has amassed a massive following on social media, making her one of the most influential personalities in Slovakia.