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Natália Mallmann is a highly accomplished Brazilian fashion model who has been steadily making waves in the industry since 2016, showcasing her exceptional talent and passion for her craft.

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Instagram Highlights: Natália’s Instagram stories provide a visual treat for her followers, featuring breathtaking scenic views and adorable animals, particularly dogs, showcasing her love for the natural world and her furry companions.
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Model: Natália Mallmann

Natalia Mallmann

Natalia Mallmann

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Natalia Mallmann Model

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Natália Mallmann came into the world on June 14, 2000, marking her date of birth. As a Cancer, she is associated with traits such as emotional depth, sensitivity, and creativity. These characteristics are believed to influence her personality and creative endeavors. Natália hails from the vibrant city of Sao Paolo, Brazil, which holds significance in shaping her cultural background and experiences.

Natália Mallmann prefers to keep her financial matters private, and as a result, her exact net worth remains unknown. Similarly, details regarding her marital status have not been disclosed, allowing her personal life to remain a mystery. Natália values her privacy and focuses on her professional pursuits, leaving her relationships and marital status outside the public eye.

Natália possesses a commanding presence, standing tall at 177 cm or 5’9.5″, which accentuates her statuesque figure and grabs attention. Unfortunately, specific details about her weight are not available to the public. Similarly, information regarding Natália’s ethnicity remains undisclosed, leaving her cultural background a mystery.

One of Natália’s standout features is her luscious brown hair, which adds to her overall allure and complements her natural beauty. Her captivating brown eyes reflect both inner beauty and intensity, drawing others in with their enchanting gaze.

Best Known For: Natália Mallmann has gained significant recognition for her exceptional work in the realm of fashion editorials. Her fans admire not only her stylish snapshots but also her love for travel, dogs, and nature, which she openly shares with her followers.

Number of Instagram Followers: As of March 2022, Natália has amassed a devoted following of around 34k on Instagram, where she showcases her stunning visuals and captivating moments.
Natália Mallmann’s Instagram: Her Instagram journey began in September 2013, and in October 2014, she made a triumphant return with a series of impressive test shots.

Professional Career: Natália embarked on her professional modeling career in 2016, honing her skills and gaining valuable experience in renowned fashion capitals such as Tokyo and New York. She currently resides in Paris, which further contributes to her global presence.

Family Bonds: While specific details about Natália’s family remain undisclosed, it is evident that she shares a close relationship with her mother and cherishes her role as an aunt to several nieces.

Body Measurements: Natália’s figure is celebrated for its measurements of 32.5-23-35, accentuating her stunning physique. Additionally, her shoe size is reported to be 6.5.
Personal Interests: Natália finds joy in watching the popular TV show “Modern Family” and appreciates the music of Ariana Grande, demonstrating her diverse taste and cultural interests.