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Holly Sonders, born Holly Niederkohr, has made waves in the worlds of golf, sports reporting, and social media. From her early days as a pro golfer to her captivating presence on Instagram, Holly’s journey has been one of diverse achievements and stunning visuals.

On March 3, 1987, Holly Sonders was born in Marysville, Ohio, United States. As a Pisces, she embodies qualities of creativity, intuition, and adaptability, which have undoubtedly contributed to her success in various fields.

With a net worth estimated between $6-8 million, Holly Sonders has secured her place among the financially successful. Her endeavors as a pro golfer, TV reporter, and social media influencer have helped her amass a significant fortune, solidifying her position in the industry.

Holly Sonders has experienced the highs and lows of relationships. She is currently divorced, having been previously married to Erik Kuselia, a TV personality and host. In 2021, she began dating Oscar De La Hoya, a renowned boxing promoter and former professional boxer, who showered her with a luxurious red Ferrari SF90 Stradale on Valentine’s Day.

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Standing at 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm) and weighing 135 lbs (61 kg), Holly Sonders possesses a captivating presence. Her lustrous brown hair and hazel eyes further enhance her natural beauty, captivating those who encounter her both on and off the golf course.

Holly Sonders displays her love for body art through meaningful tattoos. She bears a tattoo of her boyfriend, De La Hoya, on the right side of her upper back. Additionally, she adorns her rib with another tattoo, further expressing her individuality and personal connections.

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Holly Sonders gained widespread recognition for her work as a TV reporter, captivating audiences with her knowledgeable insights and engaging presence. Simultaneously, her mesmerizing Instagram photos have garnered a substantial following of 658k devoted fans, solidifying her status as a social media sensation.

Holly Sonders’ Instagram journey began on May 26, 2015, when she embarked on sharing her captivating visuals with the world. Her posts consistently receive significant engagement, with an average of 658k followers providing support and admiration for her striking beauty and engaging content.

Currently residing in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Holly Sonders has expanded her horizons beyond reporting. Graduating from Michigan State University with a degree in journalism, she embarked on a career in sports journalism before venturing into entrepreneurship. Notably, she developed her fitness app, TeamUp Fitness, showcasing her passion for health and wellness.

Holly Sonders’ personal life is enriched by her interests and preferences. She is an avid dog lover and engages in activities beyond golf and basketball, including baseball. Her cameo appearance on New Girl highlighted her versatility, while her admiration for actors Tom Cruise and Scarlet Johansson reflects her appreciation for the movie industry. Holly’s favorite color is black, and she gravitates towards renowned brands such as YSL and Louboutin, epitomizing her impeccable taste.