Bru Luccas Personal Details and Biography


Bru Luccas, a Brazilian fitness model and social media star, has taken the internet by storm with her stunning figure and captivating content. With a massive following on Instagram, Bru has become a prominent figure in the world of fitness and modeling. In this article, we delve into various aspects of her life, including her background, career, personal life, and interests.

Early Life and Background

Born in 1994 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Bru Luccas began her life with a drive to achieve greatness. While her horoscope sign remains unknown, her dedication and determination have been evident from an early age. Growing up with a Brazilian heritage, Bru embraces her cultural roots and has become a prominent representative of her country.

Career and Achievements

Bru Luccas’ rise to fame can be attributed to her captivating modeling career and social media presence. With an impressive net worth surpassing $300k, she has established herself as a highly sought-after model in the industry. Bru has collaborated with renowned brands like Fashion Nova, Prozis, and Purple Tree, starring in their short advertisements and earning recognition for her sizzling figure and exceptional talent.

Personal Details

Standing tall at 5 feet 7 inches (170cm) and weighing 125 pounds (57kg), Bru Luccas possesses an enviable physique. With her brown hair and mesmerizing brown eyes, she effortlessly captivates her audience. While her tattoos and piercings remain unknown, her beauty and grace shine through her social media posts.

Relationships and Love Life

Despite her immense popularity, Bru Luccas is not married and remains focused on her career. She has been in a relationship with Aleksey Appollonskiy since July 16, 2019, and the couple continues to share their love and support for each other. Bru’s openness about her relationship has endeared her to her fans, who eagerly follow her journey in romance.

Social Media Presence

Bru Luccas’ Instagram account, with the handle bruluccas, serves as a hub for her fans to connect with her. With over 4.7 million followers (as of March 2022), her posts garner significant engagement, often receiving up to 320k likes, with an average of 250k. Apart from Instagram, Bru is also active on platforms like TikTok, Twitter, and OnlyFans, where she shares modeling photos, fitness tips, and short videos.

Fitness and Lifestyle

Before embarking on her modeling career, Bru Luccas held part-time jobs at McDonald’s and Wahoo’s Fish Tacos. In 2015, she relocated to California, United States, in pursuit of her dreams. Maintaining a strict diet and regular workout routine, Bru incorporates swimming, gym sessions, and aerobics into her fitness regimen. Currently based in San Diego, California, she continues to inspire her followers with her commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Family and Relationships

Bru Luccas shares a close bond with her sister, Pietra, who has been a pillar of support throughout her journey. With their shared experiences and familial love, Bru’s family plays an integral role in her life, motivating and encouraging her to achieve her goals.

Travel and Interests

In addition to her modeling pursuits, Bru Luccas has a passion for travel. She has explored countries like Argentina, Peru, France, and England, cherishing the beauty and diversity of different cultures. When she takes a break from her hectic schedule, Bru enjoys watching films, especially those featuring her favorite actors, Will Smith and Angelina Jolie.


Bru Luccas has become an influential figure in the realm of fitness modeling, captivating audiences worldwide with her stunning physique and social media presence. From her early days working part-time jobs to her current success, Bru’s journey serves as an inspiration to many aspiring models. With her unwavering dedication to fitness, engaging content, and love for her family and fans, Bru Luccas continues to leave an indelible mark on the industry, shaping the future of fitness and modeling.