Twitch streamer’s ‘censor bar’ disappears mid stream after viewers complain

A streamer on Twitch has raised eyebrows after carrying out a stream while apparently topless.
The platform bans nudity on its streams, and many accounts have been taken down over inappropriate streaming.
As such streamer Firedancer user a ‘censor bar’ to cover her modesty, and her viewers were in for a shock when the bar disappeared midway through one of her streams. You can watch what happened below:

The Twitch user and OnlyFans model appeared to be completely nude in her videos, sitting in a chair with her bare shoulders, midriff, and legs showing.
Meanwhile, two censor bars obscured the rude bits.

Firedancer is not the only streamer to do something like this.
Fellow streamer Morgpie streamed a video in which she appeared to be topless, but the frame cut off just before it got to her nipples, which would have broken Twitch’s ‘no exposed nipples’ policy.
You can’t see anything which breaks the guidelines, and Morgpie revealed that she was actually fully clothed the whole time.

But the video still looked as though she was topless.
Morgpie was briefly banned for the streams, before Twitch decided on December 13 that ‘artistic’ nudity was actually OK.
People quickly bombarded the platform with many examples of ‘artistic’ nudity which were clearly not appropriate.
Of course, the problem with such a definition like ‘artistic’ is that it’s extremely subjective.

Needless to say, people were not impressed with the change to the guidance.
One person wrote: “This is ridiculous. I love their confidence with their bodies and they’re beautiful…. But this isn’t what Twitch is for.”
A second wrote: “What is twitch even for now? Is it still a place to watch gaming streams or nah?”
A third posted: “Twitch, just ban this s**t already. It’s so goddamn sad to see what Twitch has become.”

The backlash was such that on Friday December 15, a mere two days after the updated rules, Twitch announced a u-turn, writing in a blog post: “Effective today, we are rolling back the artistic nudity changes. Moving forward, depictions of real or fictional nudity won’t be allowed on Twitch, regardless of the medium.”
But what about Firedancer?
Well it turns out that the only thing that was making the stream appear rude was the censorship bars.
Behind these she wasn’t naked, but wearing a bikini small enough to hide behind the censor bars.
The irony is simply doing a stream in a bikini would probably not have had the same impact, it was the act of censorship itself which made it appear ruder than it actually was.
You don’t even need to do anything which could actually be censored, simply making people think there’s something ‘worth censoring’ is enough.