Teacher’s Idea To Ensure Full Attendance

Whoa, hold up! Check this out! A 27-year-old married teacher just got herself into some serious trouble! Lindsey Jarvis, that’s her name, allegedly had a romantic thing going on with her student, and it’s making headlines like crazy!

Former Woodford, Fayette Co. educator sentenced for having sex with 15-year-old | K105

So, here’s the deal. Jarvis used to work as a social studies teacher at Woodford County Middle School in Kentucky. And get this, the young victim spilled the beans to the cops, saying he had, uh, some intimate time with her. And to top it off, they found evidence on his phone that suggested they were more than just teacher and student if you know what I mean.

Lindsey Jarvis

Now, they’re charging Jarvis with some heavy stuff – sodomy in May 2016 and then having some naughty time with the boy a month later. Yikes! She got busted by the Lexington police, and she’s standing her ground, pleading not guilty.

Married teacher, 28, admits 'grooming and having SEX with underage boy' - Daily Star

Oh, and you won’t believe this – she was working as a teacher’s aide at Veterans Park Elementary School until last Friday when she suddenly resigned. Guess why? Yep, the very same day she got arrested! Talk about timing!

Fayette County, Ky: teacher's aide Lindsey Jarvis rape, sodomy charges | news.com.au — Australia's leading news site

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This whole mess has got everyone wondering about the safety of students in schools. People are raising questions about how to keep an eye on teachers and make sure these things don’t happen again. As for now, Detective Steve Sparkman from the Versailles Police Department mentioned that this craziness might’ve happened across two different counties. I mean, seriously, who knew things could get this wild in school? Stay tuned for updates on this juicy drama!

Teacher, 27, is accused of sodomizing and raping boy | Daily Mail Online