Tabitha Lyons Personal Details and Biography

Tabitha Lyons, also known as @artyfakes, is a British Instagram personality celebrated for her exceptional prop building and cosplay modeling. In this article, we will explore various aspects of Tabitha’s life and career, including her date of birth, horoscope sign, birthplace, net worth, marital status, physical attributes, and ethnicity.

Tabitha Lyons’s date of birth and horoscope sign remain unknown, but she hails from the United Kingdom. Despite her growing popularity, information about her net worth is currently undisclosed. She is currently single and keeps her private life well-guarded, with minimal information available about her dating history.

Standing at 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm) tall and weighing around 60 kg, Tabitha possesses a striking presence. With her blonde hair and light brown eyes, she exudes a unique charm that complements her cosplay and modeling endeavors. She has no tattoos or piercings, maintaining a natural appearance.

Tabitha Lyons is widely recognized as a talented cosplayer. Her Instagram and Twitter accounts showcase her incredible portrayal of iconic movie characters, which has garnered her a devoted following. She is particularly praised for her prop assembly skills and body paintings. Additionally, she models outfits for her brand, available on, and has dabbled in stage dancing over the years.

There is no available information regarding Tabitha Lyons’s involvement in plastic surgeries. It is presumed that her captivating appearances are primarily the result of her cosplaying skills and natural attributes.

Tabitha Lyons maintains an active presence on Instagram, where she has made 384 posts since April 2014. Her posts receive an average of 5,000 likes, with some surpassing 12,000 likes. Through her Instagram account, she shares her remarkable cosplay creations and offers a glimpse into her creative endeavors.

Tabitha Lyons is believed to be in her mid-30s, although her exact date of birth remains unknown. She is the face of Artyfakes, a family business based in the UK. While information about her educational background is scarce, she completed her education in the UK. Further details about the specific institution she attended have not been disclosed.

Tabitha Lyons has chosen to keep her family life private, and therefore, no information regarding her family members is available. However, she co-owns a workshop with her father in the UK, highlighting their shared passion for prop building.

Tabitha Lyons has a deep passion for photography, leading her to create stunning images as a model. She also enjoys designing and organizing weekly shoots for her OnlyFans platform, showcasing her versatility as a creative artist.

Throughout her career, Tabitha has made notable appearances on TV shows such as “Take Me Out” and has been invited to red carpet premieres of major blockbuster films. Her introduction to the world of cosplay in 2012 sparked a love and dedication that led her to collaborate with renowned brands like Blizzard, Fortnite, and Riot Games, among others.

Tabitha and her father have undertaken numerous prop-building commissions for various clients, including Twitch and Warner Bros. She holds the distinction of being the first cosplayer to demonstrate prop-making live on Twitch. As a Game of Thrones Ambassador, she has had the opportunity to interview cast members and expand her network within the entertainment industry.

Tabitha Lyons’s expertise has led to her involvement as a stage host for MCM Comic Con, where she has collaborated with prominent entities such as Marvel, Netflix, Nintendo, Sony, and DC.