Renata Frisson Personal Detail and Biography

Renata Frisson, hailing from Brazil, is a glamour model, actress, and social media personality. She is best known for her bold and captivating presence on Instagram under the handle “mulhermelao.”

Renata Frisson was born on November 22, 1984, under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. She entered the world in Balneário Camboriú, Brazil. Details about her net worth, marital status, weight, and tattoos and piercings remain undisclosed.

Standing at 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm), Renata possesses a stunning beauty. She has brown hair and enchanting brown eyes that add to her allure. Her ethnicity is Brazilian.

Renata has garnered recognition for her acting roles in TV series such as “One Against All” (2016) and “Os Suburbanos” (2015). Additionally, she is involved in the adult film industry. In September 2011, Renata posed for the Brazilian Playboy Special Edition, showcasing her confidence and sensuality. Her appearances in various magazines, including Expresso, have further solidified her status as a prominent figure in the modeling world. Renata’s talents extend to being a Brazilian dancer at the renowned Rio Carnival.

Renata has undergone breast augmentation and body shaping surgeries to enhance her appearance.

Renata’s Instagram account, mulhermelao, has amassed over 1.6 million followers as of March 2022. Her photos consistently receive high engagement, with up to 120k likes per post and an average of 45k likes. On her Instagram profile, Renata shares a variety of content, including bikini and modeling pictures, fitness-related posts, and glimpses into her lifestyle.

Renata has expanded her online presence beyond Instagram. She is active on platforms like OnlyFans and TikTok, where she shares videos of posing and dancing. Her bold and daring persona resonates with her audience, allowing her to explore different avenues of self-expression and connect with her fans. Currently based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Renata continues to captivate her followers with her unique content.

Information regarding Renata’s family and romantic relationships remains undisclosed.

Renata has expressed that one of her greatest sources of satisfaction is looking in the mirror and feeling good about herself. This sentiment reflects her confidence and self-assuredness.

In conclusion, Renata Frisson, the Brazilian glamour model, actress, and social media personality, has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry with her captivating presence. With her notable roles in TV series, bold modeling appearances, and engagement on various online platforms, Renata continues to captivate her audience with her charm and confidence.