Pour Moi’s Dream Job: Become a Cosy Coordinator and Get Paid to Relax in Lingerie

Imagine a job where you get to lounge around in your comfiest lingerie, sipping on seasonal drinks, and enjoying your favorite shows – all while getting paid for it. Well, this fantasy is about to become a reality for one lucky individual, thanks to lingerie and swimwear brand Pour Moi. They’re on the hunt for a Cosy Coordinator, and it could be you!

The Cozy Coordinator Role: Living the Dream

Pour Moi is seeking an autumn enthusiast who knows how to get truly comfortable during this time of the year. The role involves indulging in various ‘cosy’ activities while putting Pour Moi’s lingerie collection to the test. From non-wired bras to super-soft knickers and cotton t-shirt bras, you’ll be experiencing the epitome of comfort.

Testing Out the Comfiest Lingerie

As a Cosy Coordinator, you’ll have the pleasure of enjoying popular autumn pastimes while wearing Pour Moi’s lingerie. Picture yourself savoring your go-to seasonal hot beverage, binge-watching your favorite series, and getting lost in a captivating book or article – all while feeling snug and supported.

Perks of the Job

If you thought it couldn’t get any better, think again. In addition to getting to keep the lingerie, you’ll also receive a generous payment of £300 once you’ve completed all the cosy ‘tasks’ and provided your valuable feedback on the garments by November 30. Landing this gig truly sounds like a dream come true!

Emma Woodrow, Junior Buyer for Lingerie at Pour Moi, emphasized the brand’s commitment to ensuring that their lingerie offers both support and comfort, even for those lazy, relaxed moments at home. She shared her excitement about the launch of the Cosy Coordinator role, aiming to showcase that you can indeed be cosy and well-supported simultaneously.

Conclusion: A Dream Job for Comfort Enthusiasts

Pour Moi’s search for a Cosy Coordinator offers a unique opportunity to combine comfort, style, and relaxation. This dream job allows you to revel in the pleasures of autumn while experiencing the pinnacle of lingerie comfort. If you’re passionate about getting cosy and believe that you can be both snug and supported, this role is tailor-made for you. Don’t miss out on the chance to make your dream job a reality with Pour Moi!