Oops! Fox Sports Reporter Alina Moine’s Is Going Viral

Alina Moine, the talented sports journalist from Santa Fe, Argentina, found herself in an embarrassing situation while reporting. During a live broadcast, the beautiful blonde was wearing a racy short dress as she chatted with co-presenter Maxi Palma. However, a split-second moment turned her on-air experience into a cringe-worthy wardrobe malfunction.

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As she raised her hand to her face, Alina accidentally caught the hem of her dress, inadvertently giving viewers a glimpse of her underwear. Despite the mortifying situation, the professional journalist managed to carry on with grace, smoothly adjusting her flimsy black dress. Unfortunately for Alina, the footage of the incident made its way online and quickly went viral, amassing over 350,000 views.

Fox News' Alina Moine accidentally flashes her underwear during live  broadcast | Daily Mail Online

While some viewers couldn’t help but watch the mishap in all its glory, others speculated whether the segment was pre-recorded and questioned why it wasn’t edited out. Regardless, the incident is likely to attract more viewers to the channel, increasing the spotlight on the broadcast.

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Alina Moine has been a valued member of Fox Sports since 2004, but this unfortunate incident may inadvertently overshadow her illustrious career. Apart from her journalism pursuits, Alina is also a passionate climber and a model in her spare time, showcasing saucy lingerie in photoshoots.

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Being viewed as one of the top ten attractive journalists in Argentina, it’s no surprise that Alina’s charm has captivated audiences. Despite this awkward moment, her professional and personal endeavors continue to draw attention.