Octokuro Personal Details and Biography

Born in Moscow, Russia as Marina Dyagileva, Octokuro has made a name for herself as one of the fastest-rising Russian cosplay models on Instagram. Her popularity is not only due to her fantastic cosplay, but also for her bold cosplay photos.

Early Life and Background
Octokuro was born on October 19, 1993, and her horoscope sign is Libra. Little is known about her family or her upbringing.

Physical Appearance
Octokuro stands at 5 feet 7 inches (172 cm) tall and weighs 116 pounds (53 kg). She has blonde hair and green eyes, which complement her Russian ethnicity. Octokuro has several tattoos, including a larger one on her back.

Cosplay Career
Octokuro is best known for her fantastic cosplays. She has gained a significant following in the cosplay community for her talent, creativity, and trim figure. Octokuro has done everything from cosplay to latex photoshoots and artistic shoots.

Plastic Surgery
Octokuro has had enhancement surgery, which has contributed to her hourglass figure and has helped her gain more popularity as a cosplay model.

Social Media Presence
Octokuro has amassed a following of 324k followers on Instagram, where she uploads photos and videos of her cosplays and daily life. She also has a presence on Twitter, Facebook, and other sites, including those focused on cosplay models. She is also on Patreon.

Dating Life
Octokuro has a boyfriend, but his identity remains unknown. She keeps her personal life private and prefers not to discuss it publicly.

Interesting Facts
Aside from her cosplay career and social media presence, Octokuro also has an OnlyFans account where she shares more exclusive content with her fans. She started modeling in 2015, after her boyfriend encouraged her to get in front of the camera. She later linked up with Suicide Girls in 2016.

Personal Interests
Octokuro describes herself as “chaotic good” and claims to be a bold cosplayer and model. She also loves studying 3D graphics.

Net Worth
Octokuro’s net worth is unknown, but her rising popularity and success as a cosplayer and content creator suggest that she is doing well financially.