Meet Katelyn and Sarah Lothrop (Pics)

Oh, boy! These fiery redhead twins got themselves in a whole lot of trouble! Meet Katelyn and Sarah Lothrop, 19-year-old sisters who thought they could make a quick buck by offering some “special services” online. Well, the party’s over, ladies!

The misadventure began when an ad showed up with a picture of the duo, going by the names “Kerri” and “Krystal.” And boy, did they have a sales pitch! Seeking “Fellaz,” they promised to be “two young twins with excellent talent.” Oh, come on, you can’t make this stuff up!

According to The Smoking Gun, the ad bragged about their “perfect body with the softest skin” and how they could make all your wildest dreams come true, and then some! Now that’s some ambitious marketing right there.

Well, it didn’t take long for the police to catch wind of their escapades, and the twins found themselves in hot water. The handcuffs came out, and they were detained at a fancy hotel in Raleigh, N.C. Good job, ladies!

But wait, there’s more! It turns out that these twins had a little help from their friend, Michael Kirshawn Lewis, who got himself arrested too. The police say he was involved in some “pimping capacity” for the twins, renting a room for them and posting those eye-popping ads. Quite the side gig!

TWW - Twin Prostitutes

The sisters must have thought they were invincible because, on Katelyn’s Facebook page, she hilariously lists her employment as “in your mom’s bed, b***h.” Oh, my! Classy, Katelyn, really classy. But it gets better!

Twin sisters charged with prostitution in Raleigh - ABC13 Houston

The court wasn’t impressed with their antics, and both Lothrop sisters were charged with aiding and abetting solicitation. Sarah Lothrop had some extra baggage with an additional charge for failing to appear in court from a previous misdemeanor case. Oops!

Now, they’re stuck behind bars, and Katelyn is held on a $4,000 bond, while her sister Sarah is facing an $8,000 bond. Looks like their dreams of easy money didn’t pan out as expected!

Well, it’s a lesson learned, folks. Don’t try to pull off some shady business online, especially when you’re advertising your “perfect bodies” and “special talents.” You’re going to end up in a less-than-stellar hotel room, being handcuffed, and facing the consequences of your not-so-brilliant decisions. Better luck next time, twins!

Sarah Lothrop <3 You All - Sarah and Katelyn Lothrop