Love Without Boundaries: Meet the ‘Throuple’ Raising Kids Together

Hey, y’all! Let me introduce you to Adam Lyons, a 34-year-old dude living with not one, but two girlfriends – Brooke Shedd, 26, and Jane Shalakhova, 25. Talk about a wild love story!

Happy families: Adam Lyon pictured with his girlfriend Brooke Shedd (right), his other girlfriend Jane Shalakhova (left), Brooke and Adam's baby boy Danté, and Brooke's son from a past relationship, Oliver

So, Adam and Brooke just had a baby boy, Danté, and this ‘throuple’ is all about raising their kid together in sunny Los Angeles. They’re not your average family, though. Instead of a traditional setup, they share a massive bed and take turns having romantic date nights together. They’re all about providing a loving and supportive family environment for their little ones.

Adam, hailing from east London, says they’re just like any other family, except they got one dad and two mums living under the same roof, and you know what? There’s nothing but love here for their children. Brooke, who’s got a five-year-old son, Oliver, from a previous relationship, lives with the trio, and she’s stoked about having two partners to rely on. No more leaving the kids with sketchy babysitters!

Busy: Adam learnt how to use psychology to pick up women and claims he would date up to 14 women at once

They’re determined to give Danté and Oliver a childhood filled with affection and care. Ain’t that sweet? Adam admits he wasn’t much of a ladies’ man back in high school. He thought no girl would ever dig him, so he became this nerdy introvert who stayed home all day. But boy, did that change when he turned 25!

Last laugh: Adam was voted as least likely to get a girlfriend when he was in school - now he has two!

Working as a janitor, he decided to up his game and learn the art of picking up women. He studied pick-up artists and how psychology can make you more attractive. Then he took his newfound skills to the streets, literally, trying to get girls’ numbers at Leicester Square. And boom, he went from zero to hero, sleeping with amazing women he could only dream of in his school days.

Playboy: 'After being a nerdy loner all my life, I was suddenly leading this Hugh Hefner lifestyle,' says Adam

His success got him running a popular YouTube channel as a dating coach – AFCAdamLondon. He was living the Hugh Hefner lifestyle, dating fourteen girls at once! But all that dating drama got old, and Adam realized he wanted more than just casual flings. He wanted love and a stable relationship.

In 2007, he met Alexandra, five years younger than him, at a London nightclub, and love struck ’em hard. They got hitched and started a picture-perfect life together in Texas, USA. Their marriage was all traditional and monogamous, like any other happy couple out there.

One year on: Adam with Brooke (left) and Jane (right) on the night they met (top) and one year later (bottom)

But after three years, trouble started brewing when Alexandra wasn’t ready for kids. Adam was all about having little ones, but they didn’t want a divorce. So, they gave polyamory a shot, meaning they could date other people while still being together.

Alexandra explored other relationships with dudes, and Adam went out with a woman he met at a bar. Surprisingly, it brought them closer together, sharing their exciting experiences with other people. Things got interesting when Alexandra suggested Adam date their friend Brooke. Adam approached Brooke about the idea and the pair first had “lovemaking” during a trip together.

Bed time: The throuple share a king size bed together, saying it can get very hot and sweaty in there...

Brooke and Adam clicked instantly, and after spending more time together, they fell head over heels for each other. Adam realized he was in love with Brooke and decided to end his marriage with Alexandra amicably. He moved in with Brooke and Oliver, and they started living as a couple.

Past life: Adam was in a monogamous marriage, but the couple agreed to have an open relationship as they hit trouble due to his wife not wanting children. The couple split when Adam met his new girlfriend Brooke (left) and he now lives with her, his second girlfriend Jane (left), Brooke's son Oliver, and his and Brooke's baby boy

But guess what? They weren’t into the whole monogamy thing either. Brooke wanted an open relationship too, so they decided to team up and pick up girls together. They had their fair share of crazy nights, and life was good. ‘The first time we had it with another woman was when they went to a strip club and picked up one of the woman working there.’ That’s when they met the lovely photographer, Jane, and everything changed.

Times two: 'It's like imagine you meet your soul mate. Now multiply that by two! It's twice the love,' says Jane

Jane was unique, and the trio instantly connected. They took it slow and gradually fell in love with each other. Jane became an essential part of their lives, especially for Oliver, who adored her like a cool aunt. The three of them decided to move to Los Angeles together and bought a house to share.

Times two: 'It's like imagine you meet your soul mate. Now multiply that by two! It's twice the love,' says Jane

And the story doesn’t stop there – Adam and Brooke just had baby Danté! They strongly believe that three parents are better than two, and they’re committed to giving their kids all the love they need. The throuple lives like any regular family, sharing responsibilities and having date nights to keep their bond strong.

Mums: Jane has become Brooke's son's 'favourite person' as she helps raise him, and now baby Danté too

They even invite other partners occasionally, making sure everyone’s happy and satisfied. They’re open to the idea of adding a permanent fourth partner to the mix, but it’s not a top priority right now.

In the end, this ‘throuple’ is a shining example of love without boundaries. They’re smashing stereotypes and proving that unconventional relationships can work beautifully. So, here’s to Adam, Brooke, and Jane, raising their kids and loving each other like there’s no tomorrow!