Ivana Knoll, Croatian model, discloses receiving messages from players during World Cup

Ivana Knoll, a Croatian model, recently made headlines after revealing that she received messages from players during the World Cup. The revelation has sparked interest and speculation among fans and media alike.

According to Knoll, she received several messages from players throughout the tournament. While she did not disclose the identities of the players, she did mention that some of the messages were “flirtatious” in nature.

The news has sparked discussion and debate online, with many fans speculating on who the players could be. Some have even taken to social media to try and guess the identities of the players.

While some fans have criticized the players for their behavior, others have defended them, arguing that they were simply trying to have some fun and enjoy themselves during a high-pressure tournament.

Regardless of the reactions, Knoll’s revelation has certainly generated buzz and interest in the world of soccer. Her story has been covered by several media outlets, with many fans eagerly awaiting any further updates.

In the end, whether or not the players’ actions were appropriate, it’s clear that Ivana Knoll has become a topic of interest and discussion in the world of soccer. And with the World Cup just around the corner, fans will surely be watching closely to see what other surprises and revelations emerge from the tournament.