Human Centipede creator’s new torture film ‘too controversial’ to be released

The creator of the Human Centipede says his latest horror film offering will likely never be made due to its extreme content.

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Tom Six is best known as the depraved mind behind the horror trilogy, which sees a mad scientist perform gruesome experiments on unwilling test subjects – joining them anus-to-mouth in a sickening chain after removing their bottom jaws.

Tom Six

But his latest offering is perhaps even more graphic. Produced in 2020, the movie is called The Onania Club, and follows Hanna – a “strong, independent LA woman” who joins a club full of similar women. The snag? They’re all aroused by watching the torture, pain and death of others.

The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence) (2015) - IMDb

The trailer has been released, and shows Hanna attending a therapy appointment before driving to a luxury mansion in the middle of nowhere. Hanna is told her friend’s husband has been in a “really bad” accident, and she immediately has to take herself off to the toilet to pleasure herself.

Tom Six

Later, the women sit in a room together, m*sturbating as they watch videos of d*ath, home invasions and torture – and the room soon fills with moans. In one terrifying scene, a woman lies on a bed dying of cancer as women get off around her.

Tom Six

But Hollywood in Toto reported that Six has been “unable to find a distributor to bring [the film] to the public”. Reddit users have even “petitioned many distributors to pick this up”, with one user writing: “It’s so weird that the world where we get [three] Human Centipede movies this one is too controversial to release.”

The film has a perfect 100 score on Rotten Tomatoes, with one critic writing of the movie: “Leaves us unsure whether we are meant to be excited or appalled by all the film’s controversy-courting comings and goings.”

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In 2021, Tom appealed to fans to help get the film released, penning online: “Thank you for all your support! Political correctness is killing unique, singular vision, challenging, intelligent cinema. So many people in the distribution industry lack a true passion and obsession for the art of filmmaking, are plain ignorant and their favourite words are ‘No not interested’. They lost total touch with you the audience and feel morally superior. Keep fighting!”

He also begged: “In a video I explained the immensely frustrating situation concerning my newest movie: The Onania Club. As you know, I am a chronic out-of-the-box thinker and spend day and night exploring different solutions.

“I will and cannot give up, because the hard truth is, without a fair release, the curtain will close for uncompromising filmmakers like me. Inspired by your massive support, I would like to give you, the fans, a voice in a second video.

“If you want to be part of the battle, grab your phone and record a micro-statement why you want to see The Onania Club and why it is so outrageous that provocative and unsafe cinema is casually rejected in these over-sensitive politically correct times.”