Former Model Claudia Romani Could Become Referee in Serie A

Italian football is in for a potential shake-up as former model Claudia Romani is rumored to transition into a referee role within Serie A. This unexpected career pivot has sparked curiosity and discussion among fans and pundits alike.



Romani, known for her modeling career and striking looks, has reportedly expressed interest in pursuing a career in football officiating. If successful, she would become one of the first female referees in Serie A, marking a significant milestone for gender diversity in Italian football.

The news has garnered attention not only due to Romani’s background but also because of the potential impact her presence could have on the sport. While football refereeing has traditionally been a male-dominated field, the prospect of Romani breaking into Serie A signifies a step towards greater inclusivity and representation.

Romani’s journey from the world of fashion to football officiating is certainly unconventional, but it highlights the diverse paths individuals can take in pursuing their passions. Her decision to pursue a career in refereeing reflects a desire for personal growth and professional fulfillment beyond the confines of her previous industry.

Despite her lack of experience in football officiating, Romani’s determination and enthusiasm for the sport are evident. If she successfully navigates the rigorous training and certification process required to become a referee, she could serve as a trailblazer for aspiring female officials and inspire greater participation from women in football at all levels.