Bianca Ghezzi Personal Details and Biography

Bianca Ghezzi is a popular Italian swimsuit model and Instagram influencer. Her social media presence has made her one of the most famous Instagram models of the moment, with close to a million followers. In this article, we will provide you with more information about Bianca Ghezzi, including her date of birth, horoscope sign, birthplace, net worth, marital status, height, ethnicity, weight, hair color, eye color, tattoos and piercings, plastic surgeries, and her best-known accomplishments.

Date of Birth and Horoscope Sign
Bianca Ghezzi was born on January 25, 1997, which makes her an Aquarius.

Birthplace and Current Residence
Although Bianca has not shared her birthplace with the public, we know that she currently lives in LA, California.

Net Worth
Unfortunately, Bianca’s net worth is unknown to the public.

Marital Status
Bianca Ghezzi is not married.

Physical Characteristics
Bianca Ghezzi is 5 feet tall or 165 cm, and her weight is 112 lbs or 51 kg. She has Italian ethnicity, brown eyes, and brunette hair.

Tattoos and Piercings
Bianca Ghezzi does not have any tattoos or piercings that we know of.

Best Known For
Bianca Ghezzi is best known for her modeling career, particularly as a swimsuit model.

Bianca Ghezzi keeps her relationships private, so we do not know if she is currently dating anyone. In the past, there were rumors that she dated Johnny Manziel, but neither of them confirmed or denied the rumors.

Interesting Facts
Aside from her successful modeling career, Bianca Ghezzi is a former student of Florida State University, where she completed her Psychology Pre-Medical studies in 2015. She also enjoys eating sushi and has not undergone any plastic surgeries. Finally, while Bianca keeps her family life private, she is a talent director at Ignite International, and she loves working on her projects.


Bianca Ghezzi is a famous Italian swimsuit model and Instagram influencer. Despite her fame, she keeps her personal life private, making her even more mysterious and alluring to her fans.