Best friends explain why they share husbands despite getting ‘judged every day’

Maintaining a relationship can be challenging with just one person, let alone three others, but this unique quartet believes they’ve found the perfect formula for a successful foursome. Featured on the YouTube show Love Don’t Judge, Katy and her husband, adult film star Rob Oz, proudly embrace disapproving glances as they, along with their best friends Dee and Will, share each other’s partners.

Best Friends Reveal Why They Share Husbands Despite Getting Judged By People Everyday - Breaking News in USA Today

From public displays of affection to intimate moments between the sheets, the four of them spend their days creating content and cherishing quality time with their multiple partners. The unconventional journey began when the triathlete started a relationship with the adult film star she met in Australia. Despite reservations from her family back in the United Kingdom, the pair got engaged just six weeks later. Now married, their relationship takes a non-traditional path, especially since they invited their best friends to join in the experience.

Best Friends Reveal Why They Share Husbands Despite Getting Judged By People Everyday - Breaking News in USA Today

Despite facing judgment daily for their unconventional choices in love, Katy and Rob couldn’t be happier. Reflecting on their introduction to Will and Dee, Katy shared, “When we met Will and Dee, the relationship kind of flowed from the start. It was our first experience engaging with a swingers couple.”

Best Friends Reveal Why They Share Husbands Despite Getting Judged By People Everyday - Breaking News in USA Today

This adventurous foursome not only shares intimate moments but also monetizes their content online while relishing each other’s company in less risqué settings. According to Dee, “We sleep with Katy separately, we sleep with Rob separately, we sleep with them together. We have other people come over, like we’ve had big orgies together.”

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Describing their relationship as akin to that of sisters, Katy emphasized the aspect of sexual exploration and self-discovery within their unique bond. As for the men, they humorously label themselves as part of a “bromance.”

The foursome are in a polyamorous relationship and say it's the best decision they've ever made. Credit: YouTube/Love Don't Judge

Embracing their unconventional love openly, the foursome shares kisses in public, reveling in the attention their unconventional lifestyle attracts. Katy acknowledged the confusion they cause in public, switching partners mid-kiss, saying, “We’d be kissing, and then we’d switch… so I’d be kissing Will, and Dee would be kissing Rob, and people are like: ‘What did I just watch?'”

Katy and adult star Rob got engaged after just six weeks. Credit: YouTube/Love Don't Judge

Dee expressed that their decision to explore such a dynamic relationship was “probably one of the best choices we’ve made in life,” with her husband Will adding, “The four of us are like one organism.” Their inclusivity extends beyond the double marriage, including other individuals in their bedroom adventures.

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Recalling a moment when Rob showcased his matchmaking skills, Katy shared, “Rob could see that I liked this guy, so we all came home together, and he shook his hand and said ‘Go have fun with my wife.’ I mean – if that isn’t a man…” She trailed off, clearly impressed by her husband’s ability to understand and meet her desires.

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The foursome regularly shares snippets of their unconventional lives on social media, primarily on Instagram and other adult platforms, offering fans a glimpse into their out-of-the-ordinary relationship. Despite facing criticism from trolls due to their unconventional setup, their happiness remains the priority. In the end, the quartet seems content, emphasizing that their unconventional love brings them joy, and that’s all that truly matters.

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