Anna Louise Personal Details and Biography

Get to Know More About Fashion Model, Instagram Star, and Designer Anna Louise

Anna Louise is a popular figure in the fashion industry, thanks to her successful career as a model, Instagram star, and swimwear designer.

If you’re curious about this young and talented individual, keep reading as we unveil more details about her life, career, and personal interests.

Early Life and Background

Anna Louise was born on March 30, 1996, in Michigan, USA. She grew up on a farm in Michigan and was always interested in pursuing a career in the fashion industry.

Despite being considered too short for modeling, Anna refused to give up on her dreams and started building a massive social media following on Instagram.

Career and Achievements

Anna Louise’s Instagram account, @annalouieaustin, has over 1.1 million followers, and she is one of the most sought-after fashion models today.

She has worked with several fashion brands, including Pretty Little Thing, Fashion Nova, and Bang Energy.

Anna also appeared in music videos for DJ E-Feezy’s “Got Me Crazy (No Better Love)” and Future and Nicki Minaj’s “You Da Baddest.”

Aside from modeling, Anna is also a swimwear designer and runs her own line called Temptation.

She shares her love for beauty and skincare on her social media channels and enjoys promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Personal Life and Relationships

Anna Louise is not married and currently in a relationship with surfer/model Koa Rothman. She previously dated style adviser Adam Soboleski.

Anna is very close to her family, especially her dad and older sister, and always make time to visit them in Michigan.

Fun Facts About Anna Louise

Apart from her modeling and designing work, Anna is passionate about hiking, yoga, and meditation. She also loves reading books on personal development, such as “Man’s Search for Meaning,” “Mastery of Love,” and books by Thich Nhat Hanh.

Anna’s favorite app is Colortone, and she has two small tattoos on her hands.


Anna Louise’s life and career have been nothing short of inspiring. Her dedication to pursuing her dreams and sharing her passions with her fans has made her one of the most influential figures in the fashion industry. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this talented young woman.