Angie Ang Personal Details and Biography


Angie Ang, popularly known as msangieang on Instagram, has gained significant attention as a model and influencer across various social media platforms. Hailing from Bangkok, Thailand, Angie has amassed a substantial following, making her a prominent figure in the digital landscape.

Early Life and Background

Angie Ang was born on January 20, 1994, under the zodiac sign of Aquarius, in Bangkok, Thailand. Standing at a height of 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm) and weighing 115 pounds (52 kg), she possesses a petite yet captivating presence. With her multiracial background, black hair, and captivating brown eyes, Angie exudes a unique beauty.

Rise to Fame and Notable Achievements

Angie Ang initially gained recognition through her presence on, where she showcased her talent for lip-syncing and amassed a following. Although eventually merged with TikTok, Angie’s popularity continued to grow as she ventured into Instagram, sharing her stunning photos and gaining further traction.

Personal Life and Relationships

Currently, Angie Ang is unmarried and not dating anyone. Details about her romantic relationships remain undisclosed.

Social Media Influence

Angie Ang made her debut on Instagram in 2015, captivating her audience with her impeccable fashion sense and showcasing her beautiful body. Her posts consistently garner an average of 5,000 likes, with particularly popular posts receiving over 12,000 likes. Through her engaging content, she has successfully cultivated a dedicated following on the platform.

Professional Ventures and Collaborations

Building on her social media success, Angie Ang has collaborated with renowned companies, including Fashion Nova. Through sponsored posts and partnerships, she has established herself as a recognizable online brand, leveraging her influence to promote various products and fashion brands.

Family and Cultural Background

Although limited information is available about Angie Ang’s family, it is known that her family relocated from Thailand to the United States, where they settled.

Fascinating Trivia

From a young age, Angie Ang possessed a fervent desire to achieve success and pursued online fame across multiple social media platforms. In addition to and Instagram, she has established a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube. Her YouTube channel features beauty and makeup videos, some of which have garnered hundreds of thousands of views. With nearly 2 million views on her channel, Angie has successfully monetized her content using Google AdSense.

While she is less active on Facebook, Angie has amassed 13,000 page likes on the platform. She previously maintained a blog called “Contours and Confessions,” but has shifted her focus to social media and YouTube.

Apart from her modeling career, Angie is passionate about fitness and often shares content showcasing her workout routines and achievements on Instagram.

An intriguing detail from Angie’s past includes her appearance in the Hooters calendar in 2014, adding another layer to her diverse portfolio.

Online Presence and Engagement

While Angie Ang’s journey began with, she has successfully transitioned into various social media platforms, captivating her audience with her unique charm and engaging content. Her dedication to sharing beauty tips, fashion inspiration, and glimpses into her personal life has fostered a strong and loyal fan base.


Angie Ang’s ascent from to becoming a notable model and social media influencer showcases her tenacity and entrepreneurial spirit. With her striking features, fashion-forward style, and engaging online presence, she continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Angie’s journey serves as an inspiration for those aspiring to make their mark in the digital realm, as she effortlessly combines her passion for beauty, fashion, and self-expression into a thriving career.