Amanda Bredén Personal Detail and Biography

Amanda Bredén, hailing from Sweden, is a renowned model, adult actress, and influential figure. With her captivating presence on Instagram under the handle officialamandabreden, she has garnered a substantial following. Let’s explore the intriguing details of Amanda’s life and career.

Personal Details: Birthdate, Zodiac Sign, and Birthplace
Amanda Bredén was born on June 17, 1992, making her a Gemini. Her birthplace is Båstad, Sweden, where she spent her formative years before venturing into international territory.

Net Worth and Marital Status
Amanda’s approximate net worth is estimated to be around $2 million, a testament to her successful career and entrepreneurial ventures. She is happily married, having tied the knot with her partner, Max Schacht.

Physical Attributes: Height, Weight, Ethnicity, Hair, and Eye Color
Standing at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm), Amanda possesses an alluring and confident presence. While details regarding her weight are unknown, her Swedish ethnicity adds a touch of distinctive charm to her overall appearance. She flaunts beautiful blond hair and captivating blue eyes, complementing her stunning features.

Tattoos and Piercings
Amanda Bredén showcases her personal style with a belly button piercing, adding a subtle touch of uniqueness to her look.

Claim to Fame: Adult Content and Bold Modeling
Amanda is widely recognized for her bold modeling pictures and adult content on her Instagram platform. In August 2021, she shared a POV video that garnered over 337,000 views, solidifying her position as an influential figure in the industry. Additionally, she is the proud owner of the Apartment Hotel Killeröd Boutique Apartments.

Plastic Surgeries
Details regarding any plastic surgeries Amanda may have undergone remain unknown, allowing her natural beauty to shine through.

Social Media Presence: Instagram and Followers
Amanda Bredén embarked on her Instagram journey in 2012. With an impressive following of 755k, her posts garner up to 45k likes, with an average of around 30k. Her Instagram feed features daring bikini and lingerie photos, alongside captivating lifestyle content and short videos.

Personal Life and Career: Adult Entertainment, Blogging, and Nursing
Amanda rose to fame at the age of 18 when she joined the adult entertainment industry. Alongside her modeling and acting pursuits, she is also an avid blogger and works as a nurse in a hospital, showcasing her diverse skill set. As a successful businesswoman and investor, Amanda has ambitious plans for the future. In addition to Instagram, she can be found on her personal website and the platform OnlyFans, where she shares explicit content. Amanda is regarded as one of the prominent Swedish profiles on OnlyFans.

Family and Additional Facts
Although Amanda was born in Sweden, she currently resides in the United States, embracing new experiences and opportunities. She shares her life with her husband, Max, and together they have two sons named Maddox and Milian. Amanda’s love for animals is evident, as she welcomed an American Bully dog named Lexie into her family in 2020. With a fondness for sunny weather and a passion for travel, Amanda thrives on being true to herself and carving her own unique path in life.

In conclusion, Amanda Bredén, the Swedish model, adult actress, and influencer, has made a mark in the industry through her captivating content and entrepreneurial ventures. With her successful career and dedication to self-expression, she has amassed a loyal following on social media. Her achievements extend beyond the realms of modeling and adult entertainment, as she balances her professional pursuits with her role as a nurse and a blogger. Amanda’s journey is a testament to her determination, individuality, and unwavering commitment to walking her own path in life.