Alexis Ren Personal Details and Biography

Alexis Ren – The Rising Star

Alexis Ren has skyrocketed to fame as one of the most popular American models and Instagram stars of the present time. With numerous magazine features and a massive online following, she has established herself as a prominent figure in the world of social media.

Date of Birth and Horoscope Sign

Born on November 23, 1996, Alexis Ren is a Sagittarius, reflecting her adventurous and free-spirited nature.

Birth Place

Hailing from Santa Monica, California, United States, Alexis embraces her West Coast roots.

Net Worth and Marital Status

Alexis Ren has amassed a considerable net worth of $3 million through her successful modeling career. Currently, her marital status remains unmarried.

Physical Attributes

Standing tall at 5 feet 9 inches (176 cm) and maintaining a weight of 132 pounds (60 kg), Alexis possesses a statuesque figure that complements her captivating presence. Her dark brown hair and alluring brown eyes add to her unique charm.


With a mixed heritage encompassing Serbian, German, English, and Irish ancestry, Alexis embodies a diverse cultural background.

Tattoos and Piercings

Adorning her body with several tattoos, Alexis expresses her individuality and personal style through her body art.

Claim to Fame

Alexis Ren gained widespread recognition for her appearances in advertisements for the mobile game Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, contributing to its immense financial success. Her striking beauty and influential presence have garnered millions of fans and admirers worldwide.

Personal Relationships

While Alexis Ren is currently not dating anyone, she has had notable past relationships. She was previously in a romantic involvement with Jay Alvarrez from 2014 to 2016. Later in 2019, she had a relationship with Noah Centineo, which ended in February 2020. Additionally, she briefly dated her dance partner, Alan Bersten, during her participation in Dancing with the Stars.

Instagram Influence

Since joining Instagram in March 2012, Alexis has amassed an impressive following of 15.1 million followers (as of October 2021). She actively engages with her audience by posting over 600 times, consistently receiving high engagement with an average of 500k likes per post. Her captivating content has propelled her popularity and cemented her status as an influential social media personality.

Journey and Achievements

Alexis Ren embarked on her modeling career at the young age of 13, kick-starting a decade-long journey in the industry. She collaborated with brands like Brandy Melville, Seventeen magazine, Tommy Hilfiger, L’Oreal, Calvin Klein, Puma, and Forever 21, among others. Working with prestigious modeling agencies such as Nous Model, The Lions, and Storm Model Management, she has established herself as a sought-after model. In 2019, she earned a spot in Maxim’s Hot 100 list, recognizing her as one of the prettiest women in the world. Despite facing personal challenges, including a battle with an eating disorder, Alexis has persevered and grown both personally and professionally.

Family and Personal Life

Alexis Ren’s family holds significance in her life. Tragically, her mother, Cynthia Gaylord, passed away in 2013 from colon cancer. This devastating loss played a role in her struggles with an eating disorder. Her father, Frank Gaylord, is a lawyer. Alexis has four siblings named Amber, Devin, Ace, and Alisa. Being homeschooled, she maintains a close bond with her family.

Interesting Facts

Alexis Ren’s journey to stardom began when she was discovered as a model at the age of 13. However, her breakthrough came at 15 when photos of her wearing a black string bikini went viral on Tumblr, catapulting her to social media stardom. Aside from Instagram, she actively engages with her audience on platforms like YouTube and Twitter, amassing over 72 million views and more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube. She has made appearances in music videos and magazines, including Surfing Magazine and Maxim. Beyond her modeling endeavors, Alexis explores her passions for fitness, ballet dancing, and entrepreneurship. Her participation in Dancing with the Stars showcased her versatility, ending the competition in fourth place alongside partner Alan Bersten. She aspires to become a Victoria’s Secret model, fueling her dreams of further success in the industry.

With her magnetic presence, entrepreneurial ventures, and dedication to personal growth, Alexis Ren continues to captivate audiences worldwide, leaving an indelible mark on the world of modeling and social media.