Tarot Cards Major-Minor Arcana Meaning and Complete Guide:

Tarot is a pack of different playing cards. On these cards you find different pictures. And these pictures have signs that enable a tarot reader to predict what will happen in the near future. These predictions are not perfect 

When we go back to history then we come to know that people used these tarot cards for divination purposes. These cards are a great source of determining the current situation of living life, and also make you aware about your future conditions that you have to meet.

The structure of these cards is similar to the games playing cards’. The tarot cards are divination sources that contain cards. These tarot cards go on to many changes but their structure is the same.

Types of Tarot Card:

Now I am talking about the types of tarot cards. There are two main types of tarot cards 

  • Major Arcana
  • Minor Arcana

Further these are distributed into different numbers of cards; these cards are divided into individual categories. In simple wording, when we talk about the tarot cards these are the actual divination tools that are based on 78 cards.

In these 78 tarot cards 56 are Minor Arcana cards with four suits and court cards while 22major cards included. The meaning of each card is different based on a unique feeling. When we talk about the origin of the tarot cards, these have fours suits that are divided according to region: Latin suit in Southern Europe, French suit in Northern Europe, German suit in Central Europe

So these are certain tarot suits that vary by region. The use of these cards is not the same everywhere. Means these cards are not used for only playing, in many English language based countries these cards used for divinatory and novelty.

What is Major Arcana?

Major arcana is the main type of tarot cards and the devil is the major arcana card. That consists of 22 cards from the 78 tarot cards. These are the actual trump pack cards of tarot cards. Major arcana cards are numbered from 0 to 21.There are different uses of these cards.

In the 17 Century these cards were used for gaming. When we move to the meaning of the major arcana card it explores life’s different aspects by giving lessons on each. The meaning of the major arcana card is very deep, that is mainly based on your life.

These tarot cards represent the human life changes in different ages that are with different thoughts. In other words, major arcana cards represent the journey of life through cards. There are different characters of major arcana ,in which the main character is the Fool is the main character that represents 0 number.

The different major arcana characters from 0 to 21 are fool, Magician,the high priestess,the Empress

0The Fool
1The Magician
2The High Priestess
3The Empress
4The Emperor
5The Hierophant
6The Lovers
7The Chariot
9The Hermit
10Wheel of Fortune
12The Hanged Man
15The Devil
16The Tower
17The Star
18The Moon
19The Sun
21The World

What is Minor Arcana?

It can also be denoted with lesser arcana, describing short term experiences in practical life. It shows the details about materialistic stuff with humans having interactions with ideas, innovations and feelings etc. There are 56 Cards in minor arcana that are arranged into 4 suits.


These 4 cups contain all the 56 cards and represent different situations with different card combinations. These combinations can be with both cards of major or minor arcana.


The element of the devil tarot is the earth and its ruling planet is Saturn. In the card, the expression of the devil shows another world. Means in which the devil is the ancient goat sitting on his throne and analysing the male and female prisoners.

Can you use a Tarot deck on yourself?

Yes, if you know the basics. you have to shuffle ,choose, read and then improve the things that are focused on the card.

What does the death tarot card mean in love?

You should learn to accept the changes, upgradation and if things are not going in the right direction then you should take a break and move one from relation toxicity.

How do you shuffle tarot cards?

Hold all the cards in a way the magician holds and then blow in and start shuffling for the first time and arrange with random patterns.

What is a reversed tarot card?

This is the most meaningful and power generator card for a person who has committed sins in the last some years and now he/she is up to accepting and making some focus on goals.

Can the tower tarot card be positive?

Yes, tower tarot cards are positive; they have both negative and positive aspects about life and attributes.

How accurate are tarot readings?

Tarot cards do not predict the future but they can be used to get an idea of years ahead . It is not the black magic but it is connected to astrology in many ways that ensure that it depends upon the reader that has ability to see some of your proceeding years ahead.

How accurate are tarot readings?

Tarot readings rely on the tarot card reader because it gives phenomenal views about the personality that is entitled to get the views on a rest ahead.

What is the most powerful card in the tarot deck?

The fool tarot card is considered to be a more valuable card in the tarot deck and devil deck tarot is the most misunderstood tarot in the readings.

How do I clean my tarot deck?

Use sacred smoke to merge, use clear quartz to place on deck, put under a new moon, stick all cards in salt and shuffle with random order.

What’s the difference between tarot and oracle cards?

Oracle cards have random order that means that an oracle can contain any number of cards, on the other side tarot has a specific number which contains 78 cards.