Hailey Outland Personal Details and Biography

Hailey Outland, a Taurus born on May 16th, 1996, is a popular model and social media star from Florida, United States. Hailey’s stunning looks and talent have made her famous in the modeling industry, and she has worked with some of the biggest fashion brands since the start of her modeling career.

Hailey’s claim to fame is her popular Instagram account, where she shares photos and videos of her glamorous life as a model. She has also graced the cover of Brickwell magazine, further cementing her status as a successful model.

Hailey’s net worth is unknown, but she stands tall at 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm) and weighs 117 pounds (53 kg). Her striking features include hazel eyes and brown hair, which complement her white ethnicity. She has a small tattoo on her hand but no known plastic surgeries.

Hailey’s family and dating history are unknown, but her social media accounts show that she is currently in a relationship. Her hobbies include traveling, modeling, and taking selfies, which she shares with her fans on social media. Additionally, Hailey loves working out and regularly shares her exercise routine on her profile.

Hailey’s modeling career started after she modeled for an online boutique owned by her sister’s friend. Although her dream was to become a zoologist, she fell in love with modeling and decided to pursue it full-time. Hailey is currently represented by Next Model Management and Metro Models and collaborates with various influencers and brands.

Apart from her modeling career, Hailey is an activist and a vocal supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. She uses her social media platforms to raise awareness about social issues and promote positive change.

On Instagram, Hailey posts about various aspects of her life, especially her modeling career. Her posts receive an average of about 2k likes each, and her fans adore her for her beauty and talent.

In conclusion, Hailey Outland is a successful model and social media star known for her stunning looks and talent. Her passion for modeling has brought her to work with various popular fashion brands, and she is a vocal supporter of social issues like the Black Lives Matter movement.