Jess Gale from Love Island reveals uncomfortable experience of encountering her ex during a blind date.

Love Island star Jess Gale recently shared an awkward moment that happened during her appearance on MTV’s Celebrity Ex in the City. The reality TV star had no idea that she had unknowingly signed up for the show, which led to a cringe-worthy moment when one of her ex-boyfriends crashed her first date in months.

Jess had made it to the finals of Love Island with her then-boyfriend Ched Uzor, and they continued their romance on the outside world but split when they said lockdown tore them apart. And thanks to the lockdown, she’s still yet to fully experience single life after the split.

She shared that she came out of the villa and had about a week where she was with Ched, then they went straight into lockdown, and she was with him for the majority of lockdown. Then they stopped speaking, so she hasn’t really been single when it’s been normal life.

Jess admitted that doing Celebrity Ex in the City was her first date since Love Island. When it comes to dating, she says she’d rather date a non-celebrity than someone who’s in the public eye.

She believes that if you go for someone in the limelight, you’re never sure what their intentions are, and a lot of people are just looking to boost their careers.

She thinks it would be more stressful that way, and in any relationship, stuff always happens, but it’s 100% worse if you’re in the limelight.

Jess also mentioned that she hasn’t really been dating or meeting people since Love Island, as the pandemic has restricted people from going out and about. She prefers meeting people in person than online, and if she did meet someone, she wouldn’t want to put it in the public eye anyway.

Celebrity Ex in the City is a new MTV show that follows a group of celebrities on their quest for love. It is a spin-off of MTV’s popular reality show Ex on the Beach, which is known for bringing exes back together. The show sees celebrities being set up on blind dates, only for their exes to walk in and interrupt them halfway through.

Jess isn’t the only Love Island star appearing on the show. Megan Barton-Hanson and Summer Monteys-Fullam are also set to make an appearance.

The show promises to spark trouble and drama, as the celebrities navigate their way through the dating world with their exes hovering in the background.

In conclusion, Jess Gale’s appearance on MTV’s Celebrity Ex in the City resulted in an awkward moment when her ex-boyfriend crashed her first date in months. Despite the tension in the room, Jess managed to have fun and enjoy the experience.

She shared that she hasn’t been dating or meeting people since Love Island, and if she did, she would prefer to keep it low-key and not put it in the public eye.

In an exclusive interview with The Mirror, Jess revealed how awkward the whole experience was. She explained that she had an inkling that exes might be involved in the show, but she didn’t know who her ex was going to be or what exactly was going to happen.

The tension in the room was something Jess would have normally done everything in her power to avoid. She said that normally if she were in that situation, she would just walk away with her friends or go hide in the toilet, but in this case, she couldn’t do that. It was awkward at first, but it turned out to be fun.