Devil Tarot Card Combination and Comparison With Other Cards:

I have compared devil card with other major and minor arcana cards to show long and short term effects. When we talk about the arcane cards, then you surely know about the death card. It is also a major arcana like the devil card. But there are some changes that you find in both these cards. In other words; there is a difference in both cards in respect of meaning.

Tarot Card ends with the highest marks in spirituality if it gets in positive nerves and evil as well.
While, the death card ends with end, alteration, transformation and updating in life. Devil is trusted because it can be used to compare the current situation through cards.

Devil And Death:

Major arcana cards are considered to be the long term effect cards and these both belong to such arcana. This is a pretty good sign when the killer combination pair of these two cards appear, indications are towards some big issues or major powers that are raised to be countered.

While the death arcana card deals with the changes, life cycle, and transformation of things. It means death cards show that life never stops, it changes continuously. When one thing, life ends , then another thing develops.

The life cycle goes on without an error, ending and creation of things explore the death arcana card meaning. The Answer to the question “Yes or No meanings of Death and the Devil together” is.


Devil And Fool:

Both of the major arcana cards are together to create some long term magic effects on personality comparison. According to the Golden Dawn System, the astrological comparison turns out to be that fool is associated with primary entity Air and devil is associated with astrology sign Capricorn.

The Answer to the question “Yes or No meanings of Fool and the Devil together” is

The devil as a daily tarot oracle card, the prediction will fluctuate because the devil is an extremist that does good and bad at extreme positions.  It’s like All play, No Work and All play No Work. I have interpreted it as a person who is addicted to drugs, extremism and other high point deeds. It can also be used for guidance, a deck by your side will allow you to make good decisions, used to challenges and to prepare for the future.


Devil And World:

Both the Devil and World decks belong to Major Arcana Decks and this category cards together represent some big shows, the combo is mindful.

Devil shows temptation, addiction and most of the evils but the World tarot deck shows positive significance like travelling, completion and accomplishment.

Answer to the Question ”Yes or No meanings of the Devil and the Global together” is 

Both decks are the earthly Prime elements showing abundance of positive traits. 



These two cards are taken from major and minor arcana, the devil of major arcana points towards the big issues and on the other hand two of cups represent the mutual understanding, some small issues between the cards.

The symbolization of the devil is not always of temptation and immortality but there could be a combination with two cups that symbolize mutual love, respect and the need for equality in relationships.(Two things together for big  power).



Both major arcana cards together, discussing the major life difficulties and for a long term solution and benefits and solution of problems identifies power show interplay between two big energy cards.

Magicians are aware of big opportunities with powers, skills and are enriched with resources. This combination is quite meaningful.
I have interpreted these meanings after a whole life experience with people’s understanding and also by reading thoroughly about such thoughtful astrologers. The Magician is associated with the ruling planet Mercury.



There comes the combination of the major arcana card ”Devil” and minor arcana card as “Two Of Swords”. Both big and small term issues are going to be addressed in the combination.

The juxtaposition is a little bit confusing while combining the traits of card


The devil card represents negative aspects of internal nature that are based on materialism and have no link with the spiritual or emotions, etc. When we look at the card it gives individual meaning and explores another world based on deception, materialism, temptation, and addiction.

More Devil Tarot pairs Coming Soon, Stay Tuned.