Traditional XV Devil Card Story With Fool Explainer and Collective Reading

The Devil decks is an Earthy element with a Capricorn sign but its planet is Saturn. The Satan holds the first position in spirituality, according to this concept matter rules over the spirit.

In the daily dealing of life we observe different kinds of people that have individual thoughts to take life. Some are those who keep positive thoughts, and others are those that explore negative in their matters.

The devil tarot card fifteen major arcana represent the negative or darker side of your life in a meaningful way. This card is based on materialism, depression, addiction and limitations that forces you to move things that are not in our control.

In other words this card is the darker side of your life, that increases negative thoughts, dependence, love with materialism, creates hopelessness, changes your dealing on doubts and develops feelings of loser. The combinations of all these factors lead to a person’s two sides.

The one side creates anger that you burst every time on others, and the other side develops in you inferiority complex that leads you to loneliness. And this is a devil card basic expression that you observe on its upwards and reversed sides.

When we look at the devil card both sides separately that explore individual meanings from each other.

Read Story Of  A fool That Comes To Devil:

A devil shaped as half goat and half god in a sitting and standing posture in a black mountain on a throne, two creatures tied with a chain on its pedestal.

These creatures are indulged into sex, food, drinks. The fool is more attracted to these things as he goes near, the more attached to the SATAN and more bad wishes arise into the personality.

The whole scenario describes that the personality came to enjoy the Goat god but actually the fool is shouting at the devil, shows his anger by describing the absent wish to enjoy like them with no effects from the materialistic World.

The defensive reply from devil comes “I am not doing this, these wishes are your inner self and i am arising these so you ca be aware of these; in addition, “To know your evils is the first step towards the Spirituality”, “Many of you have such excuses of their evils

The fool looks at the pedestal and says, Then why these demons are chained together and are into your followers?
Satan Replies, You fool; look at the chained rings in the neck. Additionally, with peace he explains that they are due to their own will because they want to be the survivors of evil acts and know their spiritual paths and act accordingly.

Goat god gives a gesture towards the mountains and says, look at the people on the peak that have passed through this process and are reaping the rewards.

The fool is stunned after his behavior with that mighty creature. He concludes that the figure in front is not that evil, he might think . After all he says that it’s a powerful figure that has both evil and good combination, beast and god together.

Devil card is considered as the most misunderstood card of the major arcana due to the card being considered as satan card, this is a combined card of half-goat nature god and Bacchus.
Bacchus was the Roman god of agriculture, wine and fertility.

Frequently Asked Question

Can you ask tarot about a specific person?

You can do a tarot reading based on another person or subject. These are known as Other Readings. You should do the Other Reading if you are simply curious about someone or something that does not directly affect you. In other Readings, the subject is the subject, not the subject.

What is Justice card means?

Justice indicates that the fairest decision will be made. When determining what is fair and just, justice is the sword that cuts through an issue, and will not be swayed by external beauty.